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  • 08 Oct 2017 9:22 AM | Anthony Piggott (Administrator)

    Neil Van Epen has sadly passed on Thursday evening at age 72. After almost of year of bravely fighting cancer he passed peacefully with his family present. Neil has been a well respected pharmacist in Newcastle for many decades and was a past president of NSW Chemists Golf. Please contact me should you like the funeral details. ph 0410109157.

  • 08 May 2017 1:53 PM | John Jones (Administrator)

    The presentation by Associate Professor David Newby on Biological medicines was an excellent overview of how biosimilars are developed and evaluated for their safety and efficacy. 


    The cost of biologics has been increasing over the past 5 years, the addition of the biosimilar medication will have a significant impact on the PBS. This presentation will assist you in understanding the role of biosimilars in substitution. Please read the presentation attached for more information.

    Biosimilars V2.pdf

  • 26 Feb 2017 5:20 PM | John Jones (Administrator)

    A recent article featured by the ABC demonstrates the frustration a GP has at the cost cutting measures the government has made to the health dollar.   Dr Elizabeth Oliver describes how changes to government spending on health has forced her to consider stopping practice as a GP and move to a different career. 

    Pharmacists share the same sentiment with government funding being squeezed to the point where Pharmacies are considering closing their doors. You can find the article here

  • 20 Feb 2017 8:13 AM | Anthony Piggott (Administrator)

    Please find attached the latest price reductions.. click this link April Price Drop 2017.xlsx

  • 23 Dec 2016 10:07 AM | Anthony Piggott (Administrator)

    Codeine containing medicines will only be available on script from 2018. This is a disappointing result from the TGA. From talking with local doctors, many also agree this will create inefficiencies to the health system and inconveniences and expense to the patients. So now someone on warfarin with a bad headache on friday afternoon can be offered a choice of Panamax or Panadol;)

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