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The launch of ePrescriptions has been fast tracked due to Covid-19. There will be THREE types of ePrescriptions later, but the only option being launched at the end of May is the 'token'. For more information on what ePrescriptions will be click the link HERE

You should know that if a patient presents a 'token' to the Pharmacy, either on the mobile phone app, an SMS, fax or email, there is NO WAY of getting a paper prescription. If you are not connected properly, YOU WILL HAVE TO TURN THAT PATIENT AWAY!!

To be able to dispense a 'token' you will need to have working 'eRx' or 'Medisecure' and most importantly have an ACTIVE NASH-PKI.  If you are able to access My Health Record, then you have an active NASH-PKI. This is a piece of encryption software that allows access. If you cannot access My Health Record, then your NASH-PKI could be out of date. (it only lasts 2 years).  If this is the case, you MUST reactivate your NASH PKI. You will need to do this via PRODA (Provider Digital Access). If you do not have a PRODA account, you can try to start one and request a new NASH PKI by following the instructions at the following link. My Health Record Registration Process Overview.pdf

If it is all too much, you could contact Ben Wilkins. Ben has been working with the Australian Digital Health Agency and is probably the most informed person on eHealth available. His business is called eHealth Coach . He will guide you through the process. 

One of the most important things that Ben will help you with, and that we should all consider, is how the launch of ePrescriptions might alter your workflows. For example, you will need a scanner of some sort at your 'Script In' counter to 'read' the token. Another very important factor is how to organise the scripts to be done and in what order when you have prescriptions arriving as paper prescriptions, faxes, emails and tokens which can come via an app, an SMS, a fax or an email. How are you going to keep things in order?? Here are a couple of short videos that might give you some ideas. They are

1. A video from MINFOS that shows how they suggest you handle ePrescriptions. It is useful irrespective of which Dispense software you use. Have a look HERE .

2. A video introducing a product called 'MedView Flow'. This program has been developed by the FRED people but is available for all Dispense systems. It is a method or organising your workflows using a digital platform (effectively a queuing system). Watch the video HERE .

LETTER to the Hunter GPs re Flu Vaccination

Recently the NHVPA was approached by the Hunter GPs Association who were concerned that Pharmacy had been immunising patients eligible for the Fluad Quad vaccine rather than referring them to the GP. We were able to explain what was really happening.

Our letter in response can be read by clicking this link. Letter to Hunter GP Association re Flu Vaccination.docx

Subsequently, they have approached us again, concerned that supplies of Flu Vaccine have dried up. It seems that the supply of Fluad Quad to GP practices has been erratic, with some practices having none and others oversupplied. As we all know, Flu vaccine supplies to Pharmacy are all but exhausted. We have agreed that Pharmacies in the NHVPA region should approach their local GP practices to inform them of the current supply situation, and when you are expecting fresh supplies. Specifically, can you work with the GP practice to identify any patients that have not been immunised that should be prioritised, and ensure that these patients are the first to be supplied.

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